Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini QT "3D" Swap Update

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, my partner in the Mini QT Swap "3D" round hadn't sent me anything. I don't really know the details, but suffice it to say she received a quilt and other goodies from me, but decided not to send something in return. Of course, I was bummed. But then, I found out that Ruth was making me an 'Angel Quilt' and I was thrilled. I'd already swapped with Ruth and her work is gorgeous (check out this post for the details). Well, a few days ago this came in the mail...

It's stunning - she really did her research. I've got some little mushrooms in my flickr favorites. But wait, there's more. Who is hiding behind that door? (forgive the cheesy rhyme - it wasn't intentional, but it's staying in the post)

It's a little garden gnome. Adorable! Thanks so much, Ruth. I love this little quilt and appreciate you for going out of your way to make sure I had a good great experience this round.

But, the fun doesn't end there. The very next day I had a package waiting for me. I recognized the flickr name (DeeRoo G) on the return address and went into panic mode. Had I forgotten I was in a swap? I wasn't expecting anything in the mail and worried that I might have missed a deadline. I opened the package and here's what was inside...

Turns out that Dee felt badly about my fate in the swap and put together a package of goodies for me. Some lovely fabric, some patterns, velcro tabs, a cute mug rug, and a lovely note. How sweet is that?!

Thank you so much, Ruth and Dee, for making this round so wonderful.


  1. Wow, what a fun swap. That little else under the quilt door is perfect! Hope you have a happy Halloween!

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