Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tale of Three (and a half) Swaps

So, I've been keeping pretty busy with swaps lately. First up was the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap. This was my first time participating in this swap and I really enjoyed making this little mug rug (and receiving some beauties in return).

Here's the quilt with some of the goodies that I sent along (not pictured are some pieces of the batik fabric that I also sent along). I really love that orange swirl glass and will have a small plate made of the same glass to show off soon.

And here's what I received from FlossieBlossoms. She wasn't happy with the aqua and red mug rug (really?!?!), so she made the little hedgie and sent them both. I also got some wonderful little extras of cocoa, chocolate, hedgie fabric (the same fabric is on the reverse of the hedgie mug rug) and some postcards from her area. I am just thrilled with these goodies!

Next up is the Mini QT Swap. The theme this time around was '3D'. This swap is a direct swap (not a secret swap) and, although the deadline was March 31, I haven't received mine or heard from my partner. Hopefully everything is okay with her. Normally I don't post a picture until my partner lets me know the package was received, but I think that I'm safe after 3 weeks. So, here is what I sent out, It measures about 9" x 11" if I remember correctly.

The DQS10 (Doll Quilt Swap Round 10) is the big one... The DQS is the swap that first got me interested in flickr and in swaps. I wanted to join in, but needed to show that I used flickr and had experience in swaps before they would accept me into the lottery. I'm hooked now. I made this little quilt (approximately 16" across) for needles-n-notions. I knew that she liked the aqua/red combo (as do I) and decided to go with this octagon shape. I didn't remember that she had made an octagon Doll Quilt for her partner in the last round of DQS (didn't remember even though I 'favorited' two pictures of it). I included a fused glass pendant with flecks of aqua glass in it and a fat quarter of some of my favorite red batik (not pictured).

Amanda was inspired by a Storm at Sea quilt that I had favorited. She used Anna Maria Horner fabrics (yummy) in the mini. The fabrics have a lovely sheen to them. She really nailed it, it's a gorgeous little quilt.

Finally, the most recent swap was the Make Mine Modern Swap. This was my first time participating in this swap and it's a little different from the others in that the swap item doesn't have to be a quilt, just something sewn (bag, table runner, pillow, etc). There are some extras that are required in this swap also - in other swaps the extras are completely optional. So, onto what I made. I was creating for N. Ramirez who mentioned that she would like a sewing machine cover. I went with linen and bright colors. The ties are tacked onto the sides, but could easily be taken off if she wanted to use it for a wall quilt or table mat. Here it is on my sewing machine which is quite a bit smaller than hers, thus the awkward fit.

My partner mentioned that she liked shot cottons, so for the 1.5 yards of fabric that I needed to include in the package I purchased some Carolina Chambray from Lolly's in Shipshewana. I might have taken the opportunity to buy a little fabric for myself also. I also included a fused glass pendant with a modern design in her package.

Now, here's what I got in the swap. Gknittinknam pulled my name and he really spoiled me! I mentioned that I would like either a quilted pillow cover or a table runner. I guess Rick couldn't choose because he made both (and then some). The pillow (sent with the pillow form, so the box was huge) is made of scrumptious silk and came along with the neatest quilted magnetic board and a matching cushion. The workmanship on all this is just exquisite!

Color me is a partial shot of the table runner (it's quite long and difficult to get a picture of the whole thing while still focusing on the details of the piece). The batiks perfectly coordinate with my formal dining room. The fabric origami is gorgeous and, as with the silk pieces, the quilting is spectacular.

Additionally, I received some gorgeous fabric, a couple of postcard patterns, an aqua (!) rotary cutter, and a bunch of Smartees. Thanks so much, Rick, for your generous and beautiful work!

Now I've got to get to work on my next two swaps...the Mini QT Swap theme this time around is Circles/Swirls and I'm also participating in the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap again.