Monday, January 3, 2011

Slug Bug - Silver

I forgot to take 'before' pictures (and the in-progress pictures, for that matter). I didn't think of it after it was way too late. Anyway...I made this shirt for my daughter. She loves the layered look and really liked this old shirt of mine (which had a hole in it).

I started with a plain black t-shirt in her size, my old shirt, freezer paper, and some silver paint. First, I cut the sleeves off my shirt and sewed them into the sleeves of her shirt. I then cut the bottom off of my shirt. Because my shirt was wider than hers, I cut a front piece and a back piece and finished the edges before sewing the pieces onto the bottom of her shirt. This also provided a nice little vent on each side. I didn't have to hem the pieces because I used the existing hem from my shirt. Next, I cut out a stencil from freezer paper and ironed the stencil onto the shirt. Finally, I just applied a few coats of the silver paint (mixed with a little textile medium). Iron to set the paint and you're ready to go.

My girl loves it and has worn it already. In fact, this picture was taken after a run through the washing machine.

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