Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 in the Rear View

Well, 2010 is almost over. Frankly, I'm ready to put it in the rear view mirror. Despite the bumps in the road, I did accomplish quite a bit of quilting. The year started with an online quilting challenge. I also jumped into Flickr and the world of online swaps. The challenge and the swaps really pushed me to try out some new techniques and finish more than I would have otherwise.
The above mosaic displays the quilts that I finished this year. Let's see, I've got 15 quilts there...
  • One was made to hang on my daughter's wall
  • One was a charity quilt
  • Two were made as gifts that I gave away
  • Two were commissions
  • Four were made for an online challenge (those remain in my possession until I find them a new home)
  • Five were made for swaps

There are two Lorax quilts in the mosaic and, no, it's not a mistake. I made one for a swap and a friend commissioned me to make one as a gift for her daughter. Of the 15, six are baby to lap quilt sized, while the other nine are sized from 8" x 11" to 25 inches square. There are a few others that were started and not finished, so they'll have to wait until next year. Included in that list of unfinished quilts is a second Peso (the penguin) quilt for my daughter. Hopefully I'll be able to tick that one off in the early days of January.

So, 2011 is going to be better, right?

I'm imagining good great things for 2011. For 2011 I'd like to accomplish the following creative/artistic goals:

  • Open an Etsy store - yeah, that was supposed to happen in 2010...
  • Continue working with fused glass
  • Learn to work in stained glass
  • Continue to participate in quilt swaps

Here's to 2011 and new opportunities. What are your creative goals for 2011?


  1. i'm still trippin' out about the lorax quilt. Can't wait to see more of what you come up with for more swaps.

  2. Hurry and open that Etsy shop! I went looking for your fabulous bee pendant, then saw the pendant in this post and fell in love with it too! Your work is wonderful!

  3. Hi, looks like your blog was not updated anymore. I like to see some of your fused glass art samples