Saturday, August 8, 2009

My First Sale!

I've been working with fused glass this summer and am really loving it. On Thursday I made my first sale of some pendants I made. I sold a total of six pendants to three different people. I'm also holding two more pendants for one of the ladies to buy at the end of the month. Mind you, I'll need to keep my day job (the money will just go to feeding my various hobbies), but it was still a bit of a rush to sell some pendants.

I'm making plans to attend some craft fairs this fall. I did a fair at my daughter's school last December (selling scarves I'd knit and some teddy bears I'd sewn). Despite the heavy snow that day, we made a little spending money. This year I'd like to attend some bigger fairs locally and focus more on the fused glass work.

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