Friday, August 7, 2009

Thanks, Dad!

So, I'd been admiring this card catalog that the University was selling in their surplus store. The price was right and I loved the piece, but getting it from there to here was sure to be a big project - that thing is built solid! Well, dad called me one afternoon a couple of weeks ago to say he'd bought it for me and was delivering it that night! Here it is (still in the surplus store).

Dad delivered it that night and it's sat in my garage since then (I just painted the room it will live in last weekend). I told dad it really classes up the garage. Saturday night, I (along with my mostly willing helpers) moved all 72 drawers to the room where the card catalog will live permanently. Hopefully dad can come by soon and help hubby move it up the stairs soon (it's still really heavy, even without the drawers).

Thanks, dad, you're the best!

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